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Legacy Data Remediation

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Corporate Case Study

Legacy Data Remediation


What They Needed

Minimized Disruption

Address data without impacting end users

Greater Accessibility

Index legacy data to enable modern analytics- based approaches

Best-in-Class Technology

Move your legacy data to modernized platforms

Lowers Risk

Remediate and move data to appropriate information governance models

Maintaining data in legacy platforms and architectures is costly, exposes legal risk arising out of content that can impact litigation or investigations, and delivers minimal business value. However, migrating and remediating complex data is no easy feat. Traditional tool-based APIs lack the flexibility to handle uncommon formats and data types, such as raw data, schemas, tables, indexes, and constraints, which can cause delays and increase costs. Additionally, most corporations have legal and compliance obligations to preserve data, either because it relates to actual or anticipated litigation or an ongoing regulatory matter, and lack the legal and technical expertise to migrate the data in a defensible manner.

How We Did It

Lighthouse’s team maintains expertise in various complex data types and enterprise platforms, as well as the regulatory and legal requirements facing even the most heavily regulated organizations. Our solutions are not purely technical. We focus on architecting a strategy that combines business requirements in a way that meets legal and regulatory obligations as well.

Our combined legal and technology-based strategies are what set us apart.

In addition, our collaborative approach allows project teams to remain flexible enough to accommodate unexpected challenges that may arise.

Some of the business drivers regarding legacy data remediation projects include intelligently identifying or minimizing aspects of the data for some subsequent action, either migration, disposal, or categorization. Where a project has this requirement, our consultants design the most appropriate technology solution to achieve the desired result. Such solutions may involve data classification, identity extraction, concept analysis extraction, machine learning, and custom-developed solutions.


At Lighthouse, we believe in agile methodology—embracing change while keeping sight of its impacts. By leveraging this framework, we provide you with the following.

  • Measureable satisfaction through early and continuous delivery of agreed scope,
  • Frequent and iterative project updates,
  • Continuous cooperation between project team members,
  • Detailed deliverables completed by highly-skilled, trusted, and motivated professionals,
  • Fundamental project deliverables and artifacts which are the principal measurement of progress,
  • Attention to quality; and
  • Where at all possible, simplicity.

As our client, you will get better budget forecasting and controls, along with the ability to choose what is needed as the project progresses and priorities shift. Ultimately, if you are investing in a data remediation project, we believe it should have business benefits with measureable outcomes.

The Results

Lighthouse can make accessible, remediate, and/or migrate enterprise data from virtually any source.

The following diagram depicts how we help, and provides examples of the data sources and destinations we help with the most.

At Lighthouse, we better prepare your business to efficiently and effectively manage your data before litigation strikes. Our comprehensive, interdisciplinary focus comes from best practices gleaned from our ediscovery work with Fortune 100 and Am Law 100 clients, the diverse background of our IT and legal-focused professionals, and the application of an agile consulting framework. This background and approach allows us to address data migrations in a defensible and efficient manner, tailored to your needs. Reach out to us to discuss your data migration needs, so that your business can more confidently proceed into future litigation activities.


“Nuix is proud to continue to have Lighthouse as a partner when it comes to complex legacy data remediation. By combining their extensive legal knowledge and innovative, client- aligned solutions with the industry- leading processing power of the Nuix Engine, they’ve proven to be a leader in efficiently and effectively managing complex or risky data problems.”

Ethan Treese, CEO of North Americas at Nuix

Ethan Treese, CEO of North Americas at Nuix

Ethan Treese, CEO of North Americas at Nuix

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