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Legal Tech That Makes a Difference

Choosing Technology to Improve Legal Outcomes

Businesses continue to generate unprecedented amounts of data. The insights inside it can help you investigate, litigate, and operate more effectively. Discovering them requires the right technologies and methods.  

Analytics and data science have been part of litigation for decades. However, many organizations rely on outdated tools that struggle with modern data volume, velocity, and variety. Modern solutions can increase productivity and efficiency to find key documents faster, reduce review volumes, meet challenging deadlines, and more.  

The choices can be overwhelming in the diverse and rapidly evolving field of legal technology. Lighthouse offers a broad portfolio of industry-leading solutions—along with the expertise and collaborative approach to help you make the most effective choices for your needs.  

As your partner in the journey to better eDiscovery, we can help you transform your enterprise data burden into powerful business intelligence. Here are three areas to consider when considering data technology investments for legal teams.  

Linguistic Modeling

Thanks to the evolution of linguistic modeling techniques, computers have become adept at understanding human language. Lighthouse has multiple linguistics experts on staff who specialize in the nuances of applying language models to eDiscovery and review processes.

AI Analytics

With its ability to find patterns in complex data, AI has become an ingredient in business technology of all kinds. However, applying it to legal and compliance scenarios requires specialized expertise to meet court and regulatory requirements. Lighthouse has been building AI into its technology platform for many years and has demonstrated our ability to apply it in ways that pass critical acceptance tests.

Automated eDiscovery Processes

Manual eDiscovery workflows start to break down under the pressure of terabytes of data. By introducing intelligent automation into the process, Lighthouse can help you go faster with less human intervention and greater accuracy. While reducing manual work, we also prioritize visibility and verification to ensure accurate and auditable results.

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People Make the Difference

The legal field is a profoundly human endeavor, representing our most profound principles and aspirations. Machines can’t replace expert judgment and experience, and technology for its own sake often does more harm than good.  

Lighthouse focuses on building cross-disciplinary teams who know how to apply innovation in ways that lead to demonstrably better outcomes. That means listening to your needs, understanding what works for you today, and helping you choose the best way forward for your goals.  

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Cross-Matter Analytics

Analytics can significantly improve productivity and outcomes for individual matters. But the most significant value comes from applying them across the portfolio.  

By analyzing massive amounts of data, we can increase the precision of document review and enable the reuse of attorney work product to drive down costs and maximize ROI.  

AI is particularly adept at finding patterns across large datasets, making it a valuable tool for strategic optimization across your practice.  

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We were particularly impressed with [Lighthouse’s] ability to apply engineering, automation, flexibility, and thoughtfulness to solving real eDiscovery problems.

— Director of Litigation and eDiscovery, Fortune 100 Technology Company

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