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Lighthouse Structured Analytics

Results-Driven eDiscovery Analytics

The upgrade to structured analytics you’ve been waiting for, by eDiscovery analytics experts. Lighthouse Structured Analytics considers document context beyond other tools, leading to superior analytic results that reduce the volume and burden of document review.

Analytics that Complement AI

Not all matters have the scale to require AI—incorporating linguistic driven context dramatically increases precision without the need to build and train AI models. Lighthouse embeds linguistics across our structured analytics to deliver superior results than alternatives.

[Lighthouse] saved us many days of manual labor that we simply couldn’t get from any other combination of technologies.

— eDiscovery Attorney, Am Law 50 Law Firm

The difference was night and day.

— Lighthouse Structured Analytics client

Achieve Greater Efficiency with Context-Aware Analysis

Redundancy Reduction

Minimizes text duplicate and near-duplicate redundancies in your review population.

Better Context = Better Results

Lighthouse Structured Analytics understands the complexities of modern documents and considers common variables, such as:  

  • Nicknames
  • Email clients changing the order of names
  • Names in footers and headers  

Comprehensive email threading identifies and consolidates email threads more effectively.

Our Email Threading
Exact match
Header analysis
via scripts
Names normalization
separate analytic
Attachment hashing

No Email Threading

Standard Email Threading

Lighthouse Email Threading

Enhance Your Review Accuracy

Streamlined Conversation Navigaton

Simplifies the process of managing conversations across disparate emails during eDiscovery.

Visual Document Map

Provides a visual map of emails, facilitating easier tracking of conversation flows.

Enhanced Insight into Conversations

Clearly shows where lawyers and third parties enter and exit conversations.

Improved Decision-Making

Enables precise and nuanced coding decisions at the message, branch, or thread level.

Integrated with Relativity and Lighthouse AI

Fully integrated with Relativity and Lighthouse AI, Lighthouse Analytics can be easily streamlined into your eDiscovery workflow for an analytics suite that delivers unrivaled results and value—every matter, every time.

Case Study

Streamlining Document Review for DOJ Antitrust Division Compliance

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