Lighthouse's Robyn Fortier Earns Relativity Master Status


October 4, 2017

Lighthouse, a leader in technology-enabled eDiscovery services and consulting, today announced that Robyn Fortier has achieved Relativity Master status. Her impressive achievement aligns with Lighthouse's continued promise to offer our clients expert advice and a deep understanding of best-in-class eDiscovery technology.

Relativity Master status represents the highest level of Relativity expertise and has only been achieved by 44 people in the world. Only Relativity Certified Administrators who hold four or more specialist certifications concurrently are recognized as Relativity Masters. Fortier now holds four of these Relativity accreditations, in addition to Relativity Certified Administrator, including Relativity Certified User, Assisted Review Specialist, Analytics Specialist, and, most recently, Processing Specialist. The Processing Specialist test is available to individuals who have at least six months of hands-on experience processing data in Relativity. It measures a candidate's aptitude to successfully process data into Relativity and their knowledgebase of advanced workflows and best practices. The Processing Specialist certification itself has been achieved by only ten people.

"This is truly an amazing accomplishment for Robyn," said Lynn Reilly, senior director of Client Services at Lighthouse. "Relativity Master status is only granted to those who have the most elite level of Relativity expertise."

At Lighthouse, employees are encouraged to pursue Relativity certifications and other legal and eDiscovery accreditation programs. Fortier is the first Relativity Master at Lighthouse, and her achievement exemplifies Lighthouse's commitment to maintaining a well-rounded and sophisticated team of experts to support client needs.

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