Lighthouse Unveils Cloud-Based, End-to-End eDiscovery Solution, Lighthouse Spectra


January 31, 2017

Company introduces powerful SaaS solution that streamlines clients' eDiscovery workflows in one robust, scalable, yet easy-to-use experience.

Lighthouse, a leader in technology-enabled eDiscovery services and consulting, today announced the early adopter release of its latest eDiscovery innovation, Lighthouse Spectra. Spectra changes the way clients manage their eDiscovery workflows by bringing unbeatable immediacy and powerful tools to their fingertips, allowing them to do more with less, meettheir dynamic needs affordably and do eDiscovery their way.

Today's eDiscovery point solutions come with a steep learning curve, a lack of workflow definition, a complex user experience and costly technology management overhead. Less sophisticated tools provide simpler workflows, yet lack scalability and functionality. Too often, multiple tools are required to drive data through an end-to-end eDiscovery workflow, but lack the integration between systems. Since those tools cannot exchange data or workflows seamlessly, eDiscovery teams end up tediously transferring data between tools, which introduces errors, limits scale and results in duplication of data. In addition, there are multiple billing triggers and unclear costs, which ultimately makes budgeting unpredictable.

"Spectra combines the processing power of Nuix, the document review capabilities of Relativity, the imaging finesse of Ipro and engineering automation of Lighthouse's middleware," said Chris Dahl, vice president of Product Development and Consulting at Lighthouse. "The result is a user-friendly solution that provides our clients with immediate and unfettered access to begin processing and analyzing their data, while also maintaining control of when and how Lighthouse supports their projects."

Lighthouse Spectra is deployed in the MicrosoftAzure cloud to provide a scalable, highly available and secure environment for mission-critical operations. For users utilizing or moving to Microsoft Office 365, Lighthouse Spectra includes the ability to import datafrom Office 365 with just a couple of clicks. In addition, this self-service solution can be supplemented with Lighthouse's team of on-demand eDiscovery professionals to couple state-of-the-art and industry-proven tools withexpert assistance.

Lighthouse Spectra is currently available on a limited basis to early adopters who would like to capitalize on the opportunity to help shape the remaining features of the product. Lighthouse plans to release Spectra for general availability in April. For more information about Lighthouse Spectra or to schedule a demo, please contact

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