Lighthouse Selects Nuix to Increase eDiscovery Speed and Effectiveness


July 15, 2011

SEATTLE, WA (July 15, 2011)—Nuix, a worldwide provider of electronic discovery (eDiscovery) and investigation technology, and Lighthouse Document Technologies, Inc., a leader in eDiscovery and litigation support services, today announced that Lighthouse has added Nuix's software to its eDiscovery offering in order to provide faster and more effective processing capabilities.

Lighthouse began using Nuix in late May 2011 and has already experienced marked improvements in processing speed. In a recent case Lighthouse was able to process 1.6TB of data in just over 24 hours, a significant improvement over its prior capabilities.

"Having the capability to cull, search and analyze extremely large datasets, and provide the client with feedback in hours or days rather than weeks or months, makes Nuix a powerful addition to the service and value we can offer to customers," said David Rostov, CEO of Lighthouse. "In the short time we have worked together we have already realized measurable benefits, and are looking forward to a long term partnership with Nuix."

With average case sizes growing dramatically, and the corresponding increase in processing times and costs, Lighthouse was searching for a tool to speed up the front end of the eDiscovery process. After an exhaustive analysis of the available eDiscovery solutions on the market, Lighthouse found that Nuix was exactly what it needed due to its processing speed and ease of use.

"Lighthouse is a true leader in providing quality eDiscovery services to large organizations not only in the Pacific Northwest, but around the world, and the fact that they have chosen Nuix really validates that our software can fulfill the most demanding eDiscovery needs," said Eddie Sheehy, CEO of Nuix. "We are pleased that Lighthouse has already seen such improvement in its eDiscovery workflow since implementing Nuix."

Founded in 1995, Lighthouse has been at the forefront of eDiscovery since its inception and is committed to bringing the most cutting-edge eDiscovery solutions to its clients. Implementing Nuix is a continuation of that commitment.

About Nuix
Nuix makes the world's fastest and most advanced eDiscovery and electronic investigation software. With revolutionary processing speeds and scalability, Nuix enables litigation support vendors, law firms and corporations to take control of their eDiscovery process, slashing the time and cost and delivering fact-based answers to clients in record time. Nuix has customers in 25 countries including major law firms, corporations, financial institutions, advisory firms, litigation support firms as well as all of the world's leading corporate regulators including the SEC (US), ASIC (Australia), the FSA.

About Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a global leader in eDiscovery and information governance solutions to manage the increasingly complex landscape of enterprise data for compliance and legal teams. Since our inception as a local document copy shop in 1995, Lighthouse has evolved with the legal technology landscape, anticipating the trends that shape legal practices, information management, and complex eDiscovery. Whether reacting to incidents like litigation or governmental investigations or designing programs to proactively minimize the potential for future incidents, Lighthouse partners with multinational industry leaders, top global law firms, and the world’s leading software provider as a channel partner. For more information, visit

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