Lighthouse Launches SmartSeries 2.0 at Legaltech New York


January 28, 2019

Company revamps suite of proprietary solutions aimed at increasing review efficiency and lowering overall ediscovery costs.

Lighthouse, a leader in technology-enabled eDiscovery, compliance and information governance services, today announced the revamp of its suite of proprietary review efficiency solutions, now known as SmartSeries 2.0. This launch adds two new solutions to the suite, ReviewSmart and ChatSmart, as well as enhancements to its existing PrivSmart and RedactSmart solutions that will deliver improved client workflows and experience.

"We are thrilled to announce the release of SmartSeries 2.0, as an entirely proprietary suite of review solutions," said Chris Dahl, vice president of Product Development and Advisory Services of Lighthouse. "Recently added to the SmartSeries suite, ReviewSmart provides Lighthouse client's marketing-leading innovation around document-component-level duplicate review and ChatSmart delivers unparalleled chat messaging review technology. These additions, alongside enhanced functionality to PrivSmart, continue to set the bar for best-in-class review technology."

ReviewSmart is an entirely new application that locates and bundles document-component-level duplicates, allows review teams to review a single version of the document, and then propagates coding and redactions to all duplicates, significantly reducing the time and cost of review. ReviewSmart is entirely user-driven and automated to ensure consistent, efficient coding across all document families while providing optimization through customizable coding propagation management. ReviewSmart also analyzes these duplicates and their families in order to pinpoint and address codinginconsistencies.

Another new addition to the suite is Lighthouse's proprietary and unrivaled ChatSmart solution, formerly known as Chat eDiscovery. ChatSmart now offers text message functionality, including the support of SMS and MMS messaging platforms, and more widely supports a full spectrum of collaboration communication platforms. Already the leading chat messaging solution on the market, ChatSmart now has innovative parsing and review capabilities to support cell phone text messaging, ephemeral (self-deleting) messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, and a wide spectrum of collaboration communication platforms, including iMessage.

PrivSmart has been updated with an enhanced user interface and extended support capabilities.

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