Lighthouse Launches New Brand, New Products For 2012


January 30, 2012

SEATTLE, WA (January 30, 2012)—Lighthouse Document Technologies, Inc., a leader in eDiscovery services, announced the change of their company name today. After 16 years, Lighthouse Document Technologies will now be called Lighthouse. The updated brand also introduces the Smart Solutions Series of services—a set of services designed to leverage technologies and expertise to eliminate up to half of a client's spend on eDiscovery.

A known leader in document services in its early days, Lighthouse long ago made a shift to developing and exploring innovative technologies for application in the eDiscovery space. The introduction of new services today—PrivSmart, ReviewSmart, EmailSmart, and DupSmart—leverages Lighthouse's technologies and expertise and eliminates the need for "eyes on" review for large subsets of documents, drastically reducing costs. Moreover, Lighthouse has developed the Lighthouse's ReDiscovery Platform, enabling clients to re-use their data and its attributes across multiple cases, further reducing discovery costs.

"The updating of the Lighthouse brand is the culmination of months of work focused on the development of innovative solutions for our clients," said Brian McManus, Lighthouse's Managing Partner. "The industry is moving quickly to address the need to reduce the mountain of data being created by corporations to a manageable level for eDiscovery. The best innovations will be those that attack the most expensive and time-consuming aspects of the discovery process. The Lighthouse Smart Solutions represent a large step forward in addressing this issue."

About Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a global leader in eDiscovery and information governance solutions to manage the increasingly complex landscape of enterprise data for compliance and legal teams. Since our inception as a local document copy shop in 1995, Lighthouse has evolved with the legal technology landscape, anticipating the trends that shape legal practices, information management, and complex eDiscovery. Whether reacting to incidents like litigation or governmental investigations or designing programs to proactively minimize the potential for future incidents, Lighthouse partners with multinational industry leaders, top global law firms, and the world’s leading software provider as a channel partner. For more information, visit

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