Lighthouse Launches Industry's First AI-Powered Privilege Review



January 25, 2024

Lighthouse, a leader in technology-enabled eDiscovery, compliance, and information governance services, today announced the launch of Lighthouse AI Privilege Review, the industry’s first AI-powered privilege review.  

Building on the company’s half-decade of experience with large language models (LLMs), Lighthouse AI Privilege Review utilizes both predictive and generative AI to significantly decrease the manual burden of identifying, redacting, and logging privilege. Lighthouse accomplishes this with unmatched quality and pinpoint accuracy offering significant savings in both time and cost.

“Built on large language models that analyze text with unprecedented sophistication, Lighthouse AI for Privilege gives the industry a powerful new ability to identify and describe privilege content at scale for even the largest litigation and compliance matters,” said Fernando Delgado, Director of AI and Analytics at Lighthouse. “Our AI generated privilege log descriptions cut the time spent on these tasks by at least half, and our predictive AI models find privilege that other methods miss, minimize false positives, and add another layer of quality control.”

Lighthouse AI for Privilege has demonstrated up to 6.6 times more accuracy than search terms in identifying potential privilege offering a compelling alternative to legacy methods. Across several tests with some of Lighthouse's most trusted client partners, AI generated privilege descriptions were found to be more accurate than those drafted by contract attorneys.

Further proof of the efficacy of Lighthouse AI generated privilege descriptions came recently with unchallenged acceptance by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of an enormous 200,000 entry privilege log created using Lighthouse's Gen AI-powered service.

“I am someone that has long understood the benefit of AI and have looked for new areas of deployment within the discovery space, but even I was surprised by just how effective deployment of generative AI process that we customized with Lighthouse was on my client’s data set. Beyond improved work product, this privilege AI tool allows us to simplify our privilege review workflow and speed up our privilege review resulting in significant savings of time and costs to our clients,” said CJ Mahoney, Counsel and Global Head of eDiscovery and Litigation Technology at Cleary Gottlieb.

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