Lighthouse Brings Precision and Cost Savings to Review with Focus Discovery


June 16, 2015

New service offering leverages technology and substantive analysis to organize, prioritize, and bring focus to review.
SEATTLE, Wash. (June 16, 2015)—Lighthouse, a leader in technology-enabled eDiscovery services and consulting, today announced the unveiling of its new service organization, Focus Discovery. Lighthouse's latest offering deploys a unique combination of substantive assessments and technology applications to reduce document volume, organize, prioritize, and clarify document review, thereby reducing the overall time and expense spent on review, hosting, and production.

"[T]he major cost component [of eDiscovery costs] was the review of documents for relevance, responsiveness, and privilege (typically about 73 percent)‚ (2012) Rand Report, Where the Money Goes.

When it comes to reducing documents for review, Lighthouse recognizes that this process is burdensome, time consuming, and usually lacks more than elemental order. As clients are focused on coordinating overall discovery efforts on a number of fronts with limited resources, document review management and execution are not always core competencies. Additionally, legal teams are not able to easily interact with rapidly expanding data sets to validate search results until they are in a review platform. At this point, the bulk of eDiscovery costs will have already been incurred as well as higher-than-necessary hosted data volumes, which incur additional unnecessary ongoing costs.

"Focus Discovery utilizes a technology driven approach to substantive culling, accelerated review, and categorization to reduce the volume of documents subject to eyes on review by counsel," said John Olson, director of Focus Discovery. "Our team can achieve an in-depth understanding of your case goals and data, apply technology, and perform a substantive initial review and categorization prior to any traditional linear review. Utilizing Focus Discovery, clients can expect increased relevance rates, lower review and hosting costs, and a more concentrated set of review documents."

Focus Discovery executes custom analysis to support clients and navigate them through various stages of the eDiscovery process, including pre-review analytics, predictive coding, conceptual analysis, and privilege review categorization. Just as every case varies, the Focus Discovery solutions vary as well.

Focus Discovery is provided exclusively through Lighthouse and charged on a per document basis. For more information or to use Focus Discovery on your next matter, please contact

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