Lighthouse Announces Gen AI Assessment for Microsoft Copilot



January 29, 2024

SEATTLE, Washington (Jan. 29, 2024) – Lighthouse, a leader in technology-enabled eDiscovery, compliance and information governance services, today announced its new compliance and eDiscovery solution for Microsoft Copilot, the enterprise-grade AI available in all Microsoft 365 apps. Drawing on its broad experience with the modern data and compliance challenges in the legal space – and bolstered by more than two decades of partnership with Microsoft – Lighthouse brings its unique industry insights to this assessment, with leading experts well-positioned to address the complexities, risks and rewards associated with enterprise implementations of generative AI.

The surge of generative AI and its potentially profound impact on enterprise productivity has resulted in a race to adapt – with tools like Copilot at the forefront. Lighthouse’s Gen AI Assessment for Copilot will ensure that organizations implement Copilot in an organized, secure, and compliant manner that mitigates legal, privacy and compliance risks.

Drawing on its unmatched, deep familiarity with generative AI in the compliance and legal technology space, the Lighthouse Gen AI Assessment for Copilot helps companies assess issues such as data co-mingling, unauthorized data access, and unintentional dissemination of personally identifiable information, all things to consider when deploying new technology. The assessment includes the following components:

· Environment scan. An advanced scan of the Microsoft 365 tenant to understand the organization’s data footprint and how this impacts Copilot implementation.

· Opportunity and gap analysis. In-depth interviews with stakeholders to understand an organization’s intended use cases, strategy and vision for Copilot. This allows Lighthouse to identify potential Copilot implementation risks.

· Legal and compliance deployment guide. A robust report detailing the learnings from the environment scan and opportunity/gap analysis. Lighthouse provides recommendations on how to mitigate or remediate identified gaps, as well as how to pragmatically.

“The new Lighthouse Gen AI Assessment for Microsoft Copilot builds on our long history of legal technology innovation and implementation,” said Jamie Brown, Vice President of Information Governance at Lighthouse. “Our consulting practice is centered on advising clients about legal and regulatory risks associated with the use of new technology. We do that a few ways, but it starts by understanding how the technology works, how businesses want to use it, and then assessing that reality against an evolving legal and regulatory landscape. It’s a complex, iterative, and ever-evolving process that requires differentiated knowledge, particularly with enterprise tools like M365.”

Find more information on Lighthouse’s Gen AI Assessment for Microsoft Copilot.

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