Microsoft Syntex

Compliant, Secure Content Management for Corporate Legal Teams

Lighthouse helps companies take advantage of Microsoft Syntex AI-driven content processing to automate key information governance, management, and discovery processes.

Innovating with TaylorMade

Using Microsoft Syntex Lighthouse helped TaylorMade transform their legal content management workflows, which resulted in more time for their lawyers to deal with legal matters while simultaneously ensuring legal documents were both protected and accessible to the right team members.

Supporting use cases across information governance and eDiscovery

Data classification

Metadata-based workflows

Sensitivity and retention labeling


As one of the first Microsoft partners using this technology on behalf of clients, Lighthouse brings together our deep experience in the legal and compliance space with this leading-edge Microsoft technology. This partnership allows us to create solutions designed for organizations that use Microsoft 365 for IP&G, classification, legal, and eDiscovery needs and workflows.

Expert briefing

Interested in learning more? Schedule a 15-minute briefing with one of our experts to learn how Microsoft Syntex can transform your legal and compliance workflows—giving your lawyers time back without compromising results.

Why Lighthouse

Lighthouse has over 25 years as a strategic Microsoft partner—servicing Microsoft’s own business as well as partnering to deliver innovative Microsoft security and compliance solutions for clients. We help companies all over the globe understand the impacts, mitigate the risks, and proactively build modern, cloud-centric security and compliance programs. Lighthouse combines decades of legal, security, and compliance expertise together with a deep understanding of Microsoft 365, Purview, Syntex, and other related features and applications.