Why Your eDiscovery Program and Technology Need Scalability

September 29, 2023


As the demands of modern data, litigation, investigations, and data privacy continue to grow in scale and complexity, solutions for them need to adapt accordingly. Although there is a lot of noise around the latest generative AI promises or capabilities for eDiscovery, often legal teams and counsel merely need solutions that can effectively scale to their matters at hand. Deploying platforms or technology intended only for larger or more specific matters can be cumbersome and drain resources, leaving teams ill equipped for the variety of projects they encounter.

Lighthouse’s Brooks Thompson, Executive Director of Spectra Operations and Support, joins the podcast to provide some practical advice and use cases for scaling and diversifying your eDiscovery platform and technology to make them more comprehensive.

This episode’s sighting of radical brilliance: Why Companies Can — and Should — Recommit to DEI in the Wake of the SCOTUS Decision, ”Tina Opie and Ella F. Washington, Harvard Business Review, July 27, 2023.

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Brooks Thompson

Brooks is an eDiscovery professional with over a decade of experience in the industry holding roles in account and project management as well as a leader of client and product teams. He specializes in designing and implementing cost-efficient, automated eDiscovery workflows and products for enterprise clients. In his current role, Brooks directs Spectra support, marketing, development, pricing, and sales in the US and EU. Brooks has a B.A. from the University of Washington.

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