The Future is Now – AI and Analytics are Here to Stay

September 16, 2019



In the début episode, co-hosts Bill Mariano and Rob Hellewell introduce themselves and the premise of Law & Candor – a podcast wholly devoted to pursuing the legal technology revolution.

To kick things off, Bill and Rob introduce the first segment of the podcast - SIGHTINGS OF RADICAL BRILLIANCE - which, as the name implies, is the part of the show where they discuss the latest news of noteworthy innovation and acts of sheer genius. In this episode, they dive into a recent story around Elon Musk’s brain-to-computer interface and what this means for the legal space.

In the next segment - the guest speaker segment - our co-hosts are joined by Karl Sobylak, Senior Product Manager at Lighthouse, to uncover the answers the following questions around AI and analytics:

  • Why do data science and analytics seem to be making great progress in so many industries aside from the law?
  • How will AI and analytics be incorporated in the day to day life of a lawyer?
  • What about the fear that AI and analytics will replace lawyers, is this true?
  • What about the potential for AI and machine learning to be more limited in the law than they are for other industries, is that true?
  • What’s the hardest part about applying data science to the law and how would this work for a corporate legal department?

In conclusion, our speakers share three top takeaways and preview the next episode.

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Law and Candor

The podcast wholly devoted to pursuing the legal technology revolution. Co-hosts Bill Mariano and Paige Hunt explore the impacts and possibilities that new technology, including AI, is creating for eDiscovery, modern data, compliance, privacy, and information governance.