Spring Cleaning for Legal Teams: The Cloud and Defensible Deletion of Data

March 31, 2022


To kick off the show, Bill Mariano and Rob Hellewell discuss another Sighting of Radical Brilliance: How scientists are using AI to identify new drug combinations for children with incurable brain cancer.

Next, they interview Erika Namnath from Lighthouse about how to develop a sound and efficient defensible deletion program and the benefits of getting buy-in for it throughout an organization. Some of the key questions they discuss include:

  • Defensible disposal of data continues to be a key challenge for eDiscovery and information governance programs. Why has this issue persisted and how has it evolved?
  • Historically, because of the risk of deleting important information or not being able to defend deletion, teams have defaulted to saving as much as possible. Why is this approach becoming increasingly impossible and even poses a greater risk?
  • How should leaders approach developing a data retention and disposal program or updating their existing one?
  • When developing these retention policies and updates, we often hear challenges with legacy data and legal holds. How can teams wrap their heads around existing data while also considering what they’re retaining today? 
  • It seems a significant challenge for these programs is gaining stakeholder buy-in and assigning ownership for retention and deletion. What can leaders do to tackle this?

Our co-hosts wrap up the episode with a few key takeaways. If you enjoyed the show, learn more about our speakers and subscribe on the podcast homepage, rate us wherever you get your podcasts, and join in the conversation on Twitter

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