Legal’s Balancing Act: Risk, Innovation, and Advancing Strategic Priorities

March 25, 2022


Co-hosts Bill Mariano and Rob Hellewell start the show with Sightings of Radical Brilliance. In this episode, they review an article in Reuters exploring lawyer attrition and the “great resignation.”

Next, their interview with Megan Ferraro, Associate General Counsel, eDiscovery & Information Governance, Meta. They discuss the delicate balance that must be struck between risk and innovation and explore some of the following questions:

  • How did the legal function evolve to play a bigger role in corporate strategy and innovation?
  • What are the broader trends in the ways legal teams are supporting innovation?
  • With businesses growing, adding new technology, and pivoting strategy quickly, what are the most critical risk challenges legal teams face today?
  • How can legal best work with other functions in an organization to ensure strategic priorities are advanced—through new deals or technology, for example—while also balancing the risk factors? 

Our co-hosts wrap up the episode with a few key takeaways. If you enjoyed the show, learn more about our speakers and subscribe on the podcast homepage, rate us wherever you get your podcasts, and join in the conversation on Twitter

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