eDiscovery Shark Tank - What’s Worth Your Investment in 2020?

March 24, 2020



In the final episode of season three, co-hosts Bill Mariano and Rob Hellewell discuss the New York SHIELD Act and its impact on data and security requirements within the space in the Sightings of Radical Brilliance segment.

Bill and Rob shake things up a bit in the final guest speaker segment of the season by conducting an eDiscovery Shark Tank-style episode, where they bring on Chris Dahl of Lighthouse to share the most forward-thinking and innovative solutions to industry challenges that are worth folks’ 2020 investment. Chris covers the following key questions:

  • What are some of the key innovations in the legal space today?
  • What innovations around SaaS are worth investment?
  • How is the SaaS paradigm impacted on a global perspective?
  • What about big data analytics?
  • When it comes to collaboration, chat, and social, what solutions are there?
  • What about continuous program updates, what can folks be looking for?

The season ends with key takeaways from the guest speaker section. 

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