Top-Ten Global Law Firm Overcomes Budgetary Challenges

Top ten global law firm revitalizes their eDiscovery program with Lighthouse Managed Services for one predictable, recurring price.

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What They Needed

After years of carrying hefty infrastructure costs and operating with limited access to emerging eDiscovery solutions, one of the ten largest law firms globally decided to look for a new eDiscovery partner that could advance their existing eDiscovery program without the burden of unpredictable, piecemeal pricing and sub-par technology. In particular, the firm was interested in a predictable cost model that would provide them with access to forensics, information governance, and eDiscovery experts as well as innovative new analytic and chat technology. To further complicate things, they had less than two months to migrate all of their existing data to the newly selected vendor before they would have to renew payments with their existing vendor.

How We Did It

Lighthouse Managed Services was a natural fit for this cutting-edge client. We were selected as the firm’s eDiscovery provider because it was clear we could provide a wide-range of subject-matter experts, access to best-in class technology (particularly our proprietary Spectra® and SmartSeries, as well as third-party tools like Nuix, Relativity, and Brainspace) and deliver within their tight timeline requirements – all for one predictable, recurring price.

After the selection process, Lighthouse immediately tackled the migration of over 130 cases and ~13 TB of the firm’s data from their existing vendor’s environment to the Lighthouse environment within the 45-day requirement. Once the cases were restored, we worked with the firm to develop custom workflows that would allow the new data to flow through active migrated matters seamlessly without loss of deduplication, matter-level settings, or work product. 

We then developed a comprehensive eDiscovery playbook for our client detailing customized, repeatable, and defensible eDiscovery processes for every stage of the EDRM. We also began technology training sessions to allow our client to effectively utilize their access to tools like Relativity and Brainspace, as well as our proprietary Spectra and SmartSeries technology. 

Further, Lighthouse developed a custom Relativity template to ensure the user experience in Relativity mirrored the law firm’s workflows for continuity. We scheduled bi-weekly meetings with the Lighthouse Product Development team to keep the firm’s team abreast of new features on the horizon as well as allow the firm an opportunity to influence the overall product roadmap. 

All of this work was completed under a predictable, recurring pricing model, with custom reports around the firm’s matters and metrics. 


Overall, Lighthouse Managed Services surpassed of all the firm’s expectations – completely revitalizing their eDiscovery program for one predictable pricing model. 

We successfully completed the entire data migration within 45 days, without any disruption to case teams. Once migrated, our client was elated with the access Lighthouse provided to the best technology on the market, as well as the comprehensive training we offered their teams which enabled them to leverage these tools more effectively. 

In particular, Spectra enabled the firm to administer matters autonomously while getting data into a review platform at a much greater speed than ever before. Since the time of the launch, this client has started over 90 new matters in Spectra, leveraging the analytics, predictive coding, automated redaction, privilege log creation, and chat messaging tools that make our self-service solution the best in its class. 

Providing all these comprehensive services under a recurring, predictable processing model allowed this client to successfully manage cost recovery and integrate with their client billing seamlessly.