Lighthouse Visits Clover Park Technical College to Discuss Career Paths in eDiscovery


May 12, 2015

Employees go back to their Alma mater to share practical tips for the job search to come and speak to students about careers in ediscovery.
On Monday, April 27, 2015, Lighthouse employees, Christopher Devone and Richard Robinson, visited Clover Park Technical College, the school from which they both graduated, to speak to students currently enrolled in the Computer Networking and Information System Security Program (CNISS). It was there that the two employees shared their experience about looking for their dream jobs in today's crowded job market, provided tips for doing so, as well as gave Lighthouse and the eDiscovery industry some exposure on campus.

"I vividly remember being a newly graduated student, exchanging the stresses accrued from endless hours of math homework and essays for the very real stress that manifests from not knowing where you will end up after the smoke from graduation clears," stated Richard Robinson, data processing specialist at Lighthouse. "I remember asking, will I like my co-workers? Will I love my new role? Will I even find a job?"

The opportunity to visit Clover Park and speak to students, came about when Chris and Richard were brainstorming different ways to broaden Lighthouse's recruiting outreach, while also wanting to give something back to the institution that taught them so much.

"The idea to give a classroom presentation came to mind naturally, said Chris Devone, production specialist at Lighthouse. "Our prior experience in the Associated Student Government, where we planned agendas that typically involved alumni guest speakers, gave us the idea to do something similar. In addition, I like the idea of being able to show students an exciting alternative career path that they may not have been aware of otherwise."

When Richard and Chris visited campus they had the chance to speak to several different classes in various stages of the CNISS program and provide them with practical advice for the competitive job hunt to come. They also got the opportunity to talk about Lighthouse and its unique culture, job opportunities, and how the various skills that the students are acquiring in their courses at Clover Park are applicable to roles at Lighthouse.

"After graduation, most students figure they will end up in a network administrator job or fill the role of a helpdesk technician," said Richard Robinson. "Little did most of us know, there is a new burgeoning field called eDiscovery and a company called Lighthouse that is taking off in the field. We jumped at the chance to spread the word."

Lighthouse recently hosted a couple students from Seattle University for the Job Shadow program. This opportunity reiterated the importance of community involvement and the long-term relationships that can be cultivated as a result. Both Chris and Richard were happy to play that role, and wanted to make an impact where they knew they could, at Clover Park.

"It's always great to hear from Alumni with exciting news about the job market for IT students," stated John Cruz, a current student taking the final courses in the Computer Networking Program.

Lighthouse will continue to look for future opportunities to get involved with the community and encourage the success of young professionals. The company supports folks like Chris and Richard who want to get involved and give back to the programs that helped them. Lighthouse, Chris, and Richard hope these types of visits will allow students to learn how to best approach the job search upon graduation, discover alternative career paths, and explore opportunities to join the Lighthouse team.

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