Lighthouse Introduces Innovative Approach to eDiscovery Pricing


January 17, 2017

Company unveils flexible, value-based pricing to provide clients with complete cost predictability and transparency.

Lighthouse, a leader in technology-enabled eDiscovery services and consulting, today announced the introduction of subscription pricing for its eDiscovery solutions and services. Because the pricing is based on Lighthouse's unique value-based solution bundle and specifically designed around each client's expectations for utilization, it provides aninnovative new approach that will save clients money and deliver unprecedented cost predictably. Lighthouse current and future clients will have the option to remain on the standard pricing structure or adopt the new value-based pricing model.

"Pricing in the eDiscovery industry has always been tedious and unpredictable, leading to frustration on the part of clients and the feeling of being nickel and dimed," said Michael Miller, senior vice president ofsales at Lighthouse. "At Lighthouse, we are thrilled to offer an innovative new approach that will both alleviate these pain points and provide our clients with a predictable, scalable pricing model that fits their specific needs as they grow with us over time."

With Lighthouse's subscription pricing model, clients can pick a solution package that best suits their requirements and have the flexibility to add on additional services as they scale. This approach not only provides more transparency and consistency, but it also allows the client to avoid unexpected overages or charges for unused hours. In addition, Lighthouse's unique product offerings such as Navigate,the company's proprietary SmartSeries applications, and our other advanced review solutions an now be easily bundled into one fixed price that allows clients to leverage the full capabilities of those tools to maximize efficiency within their eDiscovery programs and reduce downstream review costs.

Lighthouse's subscription-based pricing is immediately available to all future and prospective clients. For more information, please contact

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