Managing Cybersecurity in eDiscovery

June 23, 2020



Law & Candor co-hosts Bill Mariano and Rob Hellewell kick things off with Sightings of Radical Brilliance, in which they discuss how password dumping can improve your security and what that means for the future of security. 

In this episode, Bill and Rob are joined by Dave Kuhl of Lighthouse. The three uncover the complexities around managing cybersecurity as well as practical tips for overcoming challenges via the following questions:

  • What are the recent complexities around managing cybersecurity?
  • What are today’s biggest threats?
  • What are some key lessons learned around these challenges?
  • How do you combat cybersecurity challenges?
  • How do you get ahead of these issues before they hit?

In conclusion, our co-hosts end the episode with key takeaways. To join the conversation, connect with us Twitter and discover more about our speakers and the show here.

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