Leading in Legal with Inclusive Mentorship

March 25, 2022


Kicking off season 9 of Law & Candor, co-hosts Bill Mariano and Rob Hellewell, welcome listeners back for a celebration of Women’s History Month. Each guest this season is a woman breaking bias, advancing technology, and championing inclusion in the legal and technology industries.

First, they dive into Sightings of Radical Brilliance, discussing a Harvard Business Review article about being a better ally in a remote workplace.

Bill and Rob are then joined by Kelly McGill, Chief People Officer at Lighthouse, to chat about the value of mentorship, what a good mentorship program looks like in a virtual or hybrid work environment, and how to create a more inclusive culture. Some key questions they explore, include: 

  • Why is mentorship so powerful?
  • What should people seek in a mentor and what makes a good mentee?
  • What are best practices for mentoring in a virtual environment?
  • How does mentorship contribute to more inclusive cultures?

Our co-hosts wrap up the episode with advice for amplifying other women’s voices and key takeaways. If you enjoyed the show, learn more about our speakers and subscribe on the podcast homepage, listen and rate the show wherever you get your podcasts, and join in the conversation on Twitter

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Kelly McGill

As the Chief People Officer at Lighthouse, Kelly oversees the company’s global human resources operations and works to perpetuate the company’s culture as Lighthouse continues to expand its global footprint and employee base. Kelly has been in tech her entire career, starting on the business side building B2B websites in the late 1980’s using Netscape Navigator and leading enterprise software implementations (SAP) prior to shifting to HR almost 20 years ago. Prior to Lighthouse, Kelly was the Director of Culture and Inclusion for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and was responsible for scaling and evolving the AWS culture for over 50K employees around the world. Prior to joining Amazon, Kelly was Chief People Officer at two high growth/founder-run tech companies, where she focused on helping to drive rapid business growth and executive development. Prior to her role as Chief People Officer, Kelly spent time in a variety of HR and Talent Acquisition leadership roles at Expedia, Microsoft, and T-Mobile. 

Kelly studied computer information systems at Florida Atlantic University and is a certified network engineer. She holds a PhD in Metaphysics from University of Metaphysical Science in California. 

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