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Lighthouse Gen AI Assessment

The explosion of generative AI for enterprise productivity has left many organizations scrambling. Help your organization keep up in a secure, compliant, eDiscovery friendly manner.

Minimize Legal Risk, Accelerate Microsoft Copilot Adoption 

The potential impacts of Microsoft Copilot on legal, compliance, security, and IT are far from known. We are here to help, with Lighthouse Gen AI Assessment featuring our Copilot Readiness Assessment. Lighthouse provides you a playbook for implementing Copilot with data governance, eDiscovery alignment, and risk mitigation in mind.

With more than 25 years of partnership with Microsoft and 5+ years of generative AI experience using Large Language Models for legal, our team is equipped to help you navigate the nascent world of generative AI including Microsoft Copilot, tailored to the specifics of your existing Microsoft 365 environment.

Limit Potential Risks

Data Leakage

Unauthorized Data Access

Accidental Dissemination of PII

Data Breach

Lighthouse Readiness Assessment for Copilot

Our Gen AI Assessment includes a Copilot Readiness Assessment, ensuring you can implement Microsoft Copilot in an organized, secure, and compliant manner that mitigates risks for legal, privacy, and compliance.

Microsoft 365 Environment Scan

An advanced scan of your Microsoft 365 tenant helps identify the specifics of your organization's data footprint and the considerations they may dictate for your Copilot implementation.

Opportunity + Gap Analysis

Stakeholder feedback is gathered to understand intended use cases, strategy and vision for Copilot. Combined with the Environment Scan, these outputs are used to identify opportunities and risks in the current Copilot plan and existing Microsoft 365 environment.

Legal and Compliance Deployment Guide

A robust report details the learnings from the Environment Scan and Opportunity + Gap Analysis, and provides details on any identified gaps, recommendations for mitigation or remediation, and specific guidance for an optimal, secure, and legally-compliant deployment.

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