Advanced Analytics for Privilege Review

Expedite privilege review with H5 Matter Analytics to help rapidly identify and act on potentially privileged content.

Privilege analytics for Relativity and RelativityOne

Mitigate risk of sensitive data exposure and streamline your privilege review process with H5 Matter Analytics' automated privilege analytics, innovative privilege log builder, and battle-tested classifiers.

Privilege classifiers for NUIX

Identify and classify sensitive, privileged information within your corporatenetwork with greater security and speed with our game-changing dataclassification integrated with Nuix.

Mitigate risk of exposing privileged data

Minimize the risk of inadvertently producing privileged  information and streamline your privilege review workflow with categorization and classification methods you can trust. Our battle-tested and sophisticated classifiers distinguish between nuance, context, and vernacular. We use innovative linguistic models that were iteratively tested against more than 30 million diverse documents in an array of industry verticals.

Prioritize your privilege workflow

Focus your case team and triage privilege review using actionable insights from an automated prioritization workflow, enabling early access to your most privileged documents. Matter Analytics automatically provides visibility into potentially privileged documents by tier; methods to avoid disclaimer and boilerplate language; easy identification of legal concepts, privilege actors and law firms; and a usable asset with consistent propagation of privilege designations across matters.

Expedite your privilege log creation

Stop painstakingly and manually creating your privilege log. Efficiently assemble complete and insight-driven privilege logs, with reusable templates to increase speed and accuracy with every use. The Matter Analytics privilege log design module simplifies and expedites the privilege logging process with clean name normalization outputs, as well as automated and customizable privilege reasons assigned to each document.

Our robust set of rules and classifiers for Matter Analytics privilege detection enable:

  • Automated identification of law firms and legal concepts
  • Automated exclusion of detected disclaimers and boilerplate language
  • Identification of lawyer name variations

  • Duplicate elimination
  • Clear identification where lawyers and third parties enter and exit conversations
  • Customizable rules to tag and tier potentially privileged data, create privilege reasons, and detect potential privilege waivers

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