Advanced Analytics for PII Identification

Accelerate and simplify personally identifiable information (PII) identification using H5 Matter Analytics to analyze, identify, organize, and prioritize content for review.

Privacy protection isn't optional

Data intrusion threatens everyone. And as privacy regulation becomes more widespread, the consequences for inadvertently exposing PII is only growing.

Quickly and accurately identify PII

We insert our linguistic expertise into PII identification models to consider the way personal data actually appears in documents. Our scientific methodology has resulted in a fast and highly accurate means of identifying PII contentone that we know works.
Matter Analytics analysis helps you better understand the sensitive data in your matter and legal portfolio, such as document and form types that often contain PII, including IRS forms and resumes.

Increased velocity

Rapid identification of sensitive content with pre-packaged PII types. Immediate access to the most relevant documents first with results tiered by “likely” vs. “potential” PII.

High accuracy

Accuracy achieved with a combination of linguistic experts and a powerful, proprietary search technology. Highly effective linguistic models, developed, tested, and measured by our experts, ensuring accuracy across diverse data populations and industries. Our proprietary search technology is a sophisticated analyst tool built for modern data.

Enhanced efficiency

Prioritize identified documents in tiers based on the likelihood of PII content, organized by PII data type. Use our proprietary document viewers to highlight PII markers and view PII within email threads. Seamlessly analyze incoming rolling data and generate reports that target only new data.

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