Matter Analytics

Optimize your eDiscovery with Matter Analytics, a structured analytics and privilege logging technology that drives down document review costs and speeds up decision-making.

Know more, faster

Get a clearer picture by identifying unique documents, thread relationships, and applying refined names normalization​ to surface key people and organizationsat the speed of technology.

Matter Analytics can reduce up to 70% of email content to help reviewers make faster decisions. The result is a more efficient review process at a lower cost.

Focus on unique documents

Matter Analytics reduces and streamlines review by identifying email thread relationships, normalizing names, and grouping similar documents with flexible, near-duplicate identification. Rather than serving up duplicates, our advanced analytics identifies exact content duplicates that were overlooked by other systems due to discrete differences such as variable formatting.

Contextualized conversations

Get a clearer picture of the breadth of your matters by using our email thread viewer to see relationships in threads, where unique content resides, and tracks speakers' journey and engagement in the thread.

Accelerate review activities, such as privilege review (e.g., highlighting attorneys, third parties, etc.) with Matter Analytics’ feature for color-coding individuals by their function. Simplify coding and QC with the ability to apply decisions to individual messages, select branches, or entire thread groupsand see the summary review of threaded conversations in context.

Look beyond text

Leverage the metadata of documents to quickly weed out junk, such as signature images, so you can focus case preparation research on narrower bands of communication, such as 1:1 emails.

Expedite your privilege log creation

Stop painstakingly and manually creating your privilege log. Efficiently assemble complete and insight-driven privilege logs, with reusable templates to increase speed and accuracy with every use. The Matter Analytics privilege log design module simplifies and expedites the privilege logging process with clean name normalization outputs.

Simplified privilege logging

Matter Analytics generates a log of privileged materials in a matter of minutes by normalizing names based on metadata and automatically identifying law firms, government agencies, and more. A user-friendly interface allows users to customize and manage their final privilege logs, including managing version control, excluding documents from subsequently generated logs, and templatizing logs for reuse.
“Lighthouse saved us many days of manual labor that we simply couldn’t get from any other combination of technologies”
eDiscovery attorney, Am Law 50 law firm​

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