Key Document Identification

Better, faster business-critical decision making for litigation and investigations. Key Document Identification (KDI) is a strategic search solution powered by seasoned experts and unique technology to get you to the right data, right now.

Delivering targeted, quality results

Traditional review methods are time-consuming, costly, and inefficient. We utilize our linguistic expertise to create narrow searches that deliver only what you want and need vs. broad, unfocused keyword searches that require hours of manual review to cull.
Our advanced search analytics layered with linguistic, legal, and scientific expertise are delivered as part of a rigorous, iterative process, so you can quickly and efficiently zero in on the documents most important for swift resolution.

Linguistic expertise

We utilize our linguistic expertise to create narrow searches that consider the nuance of human language to home in on key documents. Compare this with broad, unfocused search term results that require additional review.

Proprietary tools and tech

We’ve spent more than a decade working with case teams and honing proprietary search analytics tools that make sure potentially risky documents bubble up to the surface—even in the absence of specific requests—to help you see around the corner and identify unknown areas of risk.

Focused effort

Expertise scaled with technology means less one-by-one document review time to find key documents. And since KDI often yields less than 1% of total documents, downstream review savings are even more significant.

Early case strategy

For any matter, possessing critical facts early can make all the difference. Early intel gives you the insights necessary for business-critical decisions in your complex legal matters.   Conducting random searches for what you think might be important, or repeatedly wading through partially reviewed data collections wastes precious time and resources. With appropriate data reduction and targeted data interrogation by our experts, we cut through the fluff so you can have the critical information you need it—early in your legal matters, saving you time and money, reducing risk, and increasing predictability.

Quick, actionable insights

We know how to cull and organize data, zeroing in on what’s important and ignoring what’s not, right from the beginning. Regardless of matter size or budget, Lighthouse helps maximize your investment and minimizes the risk of missing critical information.
Our experts use both linguistics modeling and technology to target what lies within the data and extract what you need to support your case, all the way through depositions and trial.

Portfolio level optimization and consistency

Keeping efficiency and legal budget oversight in mind, Lighthouse experts document their processes to ensure no overlap or wasted time revisiting documents already reviewed, and keep track of data and searches for reuse in future matters.
What’s more, the longer KDI is engaged, the more institutional knowledge is built up by our experts, making us more efficient with every matter.

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