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Know the eDiscovery Impact of Microsoft 365 Updates

Maximize Microsoft 365 ROI while reducing risk. Subscribe to Lighthouse CloudCompass and get timely assessments of how new features and updates affect eDiscovery, with guidance, best practices, and training tips.

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Having access to reliable information about product updates and their impact on eDiscovery is critical to managing risk associated with Microsoft 365 changes. CloudCompass helps us focus our efforts on the changes that matter so we can respond quickly and effectively.

— Customer in the Financial Services Industry

Watch a Recent CloudCompass Update Session

Quarterly Lighthouse CloudCompass webinars give CloudCompass subscribers a timely and informed look at the changes coming to Microsoft 365, and the anticipated impact of those changes to organizations' M365 instances. View the previous quarter's session (special live edition) to see what kind of information you can expect as a subscriber.

Optimize Use of Microsoft 365 for eDiscovery

Lighthouse CloudCompass subscriptions are delivered in a Lighthouse managed online portal, providing Microsoft 365 release updates with eDiscovery impacts, related information, adoption guidance, best practices based on Lighthouse testing, and Purview training.

Upskill Teams and Mature Your Programs

Help teams learn using real-world guidance on Microsoft Purview eDiscovery and other advanced solutions.

Prove Due Diligence

Demonstrate reasonable and proportional effort to maintain compliant processes and workflows in the case of regulatory scrutiny, audit, or eDiscovery failure related to deficiency for software-related causes.

Keep Tabs on Automations and Workflows

Drive regular review and maintenance to avoid the risks of a “set it and forget it” mentality for processes with eDiscovery impact.

Access to Experts

Access flexible, as-needed Microsoft 365 legal and compliance support from Lighthouse experts.

Our Framework

We use a comprehensive six-part framework to determine whether changes to Microsoft 365 materially impact eDiscovery and compliance.

Impact on eDiscovery tools, New data source, New data storage location, eDiscovery process change, Creation of non-discoverable data, and Change to feature risk profile can all affect eDiscovery.

Our Process

Lighthouse cloud data experts carefully review new and upcoming Microsoft 365 feature releases to understand their full impact—so you can adjust and adapt your eDiscovery and compliance workflows as early as possible.

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