Law & Candor Podcast Celebrates Women's History Month with Launch of Season 7

March 23, 2021




The Law & Candor podcast is back for season seven, with a special guest speaker twist! In celebration of Women’s History Month (March), this season features an all-female guest speaker lineup. Our esteemed guests will not only explore the hottest topics in legal tech, but also discuss how to champion the development and career growth of women within the space in each episode.

Law & Candor co-hosts, Bill Mariano and Rob Hellewell, are back to help lead those discussions in six easily digestible episodes that cover a range of topics: from diversity within eDiscovery, to keeping up with M365 software updates, to a look at possible antitrust changes in a new presidential administration. Check out season seven's lineup below:

  1. Diversity and eDiscovery: How Diverse Hiring Practices Lead to a More Innovative Workforce 
  2. Innovating the Legal Operations Model  
  3. Efficiently and Defensibly Addressing Microsoft Teams Data  
  4. Keeping Up with M365 Software Updates   
  5. AI and Analytics for Corporations: Common Use Cases  
  6. Antitrust Changes in a New Administration   

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And if you want to catch up on past seasons or special editions, click here.

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