Secure IP Services: Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Avoid the risks of insider data breaches with services that augment your existing employment life cycle policies and processes.

Proactive data management

Our proactive services reduce IT costs and future litigation fees surrounding a company’s eDiscovery portfolio by helping organizations build programs that mitigate risk at two key points in time—when employees onboard and depart.

Through our programs, we review your current policies and procedures and recommend improvements. Our recommendations are framed in cost-versus-benefit terms and are based on a phased approach, where we consider the risk as well as the ease of implementation. We design and implement defensible and repeatable programs to guard against the risk of onboarding or departing employees who misappropriate confidential information.

Employee onboarding services

It’s vital to have a plan to detect and prevent competitors’ proprietary and confidential data from possibly infiltrating your IT network by a new hire.

Lighthouse helps you proactively scan new hires’ BYOD mobile devices, external USB hard drives, and personal cloud accounts for data that might be considered another company’s intellectual property. This approach helps safeguard against Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs), Preliminary Injunctions (PIs), or accountability for material reuse due to a new employee’s past behavior.

Employee offboarding services

Departing employees can exfiltrate valuable intellectual property (IP), and you likely won’t know it happened—until it’s too late. That's why it's critical to make risk scoping, activity screening, and reporting part of your standard processes for departing employees.

Partner with us to implement a predictable, recurring offboarding evaluation program for employees exiting your company, or for larger-scale restructuring events such as Reductions-in-Force (RIF).

Red flag reporting

We’ll alert you to risks associated with departing employees who may be removing or copying data from your network, or with new employees who may be introducing proprietary data from their previous employers.

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