Digital Forensics

Leverage industry-leading methodologies and techniques to address your data needs.

Growing and complex data

Today’s diverse, voluminous, and often complex data sources contain a wealth of evidentiary information that exists beyond the scope of traditional document discovery. There are forensic artifacts on various data sources that, when properly analyzed by credentialed and experienced testifying experts, can reveal the behaviors of individuals that access and use key data sources.

Data collection

The volume, variety, and velocity in which data is created and stored across a wealth of cloud-synchronized devices adds increasing complexity—and challenges—to data collection tasks.

Our forensics practitioners can partner with you to identify, preserve, and collect relevant data through a range of collection options that suit various matter types and budgets.

Expert services

Our digital forensics experts rely on current best practices to provide you with technical consulting that allows you to drive your matter to a swift, cost-effective, and favorable outcome.

Employee onboarding and departing services

We believe that being proactive is one of the most efficient ways to manage and reduce eDiscovery costs. We can help your organization better prepare for litigation or regulatory exposure—or mitigate it entirely—through our onboarding and departing employee services, which help teams stay ahead of their data needs.

Digital forensics knowledgebase

We offer FREE access to our digital forensics client training center, which includes a library of knowledge-based videos covering common topics that encompass digital forensic methodologies and collection processes.


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