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Lighthouse Advanced Analytics

Intelligent Technology Reduces Risk, Cost, and Review Volumes

Trying to address ever-growing review volumes with human labor alone leads to unsustainable costs and poor quality. We supercharge expert teams with advanced analytics to scale their skills.  

Intelligent technology analyzes documents with outstanding accuracy, so they can be routed to the appropriate treatment or review. Using this technology enables our case teams to work faster, with greater accuracy and agility.

Along the way, our software extracts insights within and across matters so you can make data-driven case decisions and minimize re-review.  

With unprecedented growth and complexity of digital data, legal teams need a way to review documents with nuance, at scale—so we built it.


Works with all types of modern workplace and mobile data.


Delivers outstanding accuracy cost while reducing cost and risk.


Seamlessly scales review capabilities, making the most of human expertise.

Lighthouse AI Driving Real-World Results

Our platform uses powerful AI methodologies that capture the nuances of human language, created with the help of experts in legal linguistics. This results in a more dynamic ability to analyze documents, reduce review volumes, and meet the needs of the matter.

Using Lighthouse advanced analytics proved to be a 10x improvement in precision compared to other analytics tools.

— CJ Mahoney, Counsel and Global Head of eDiscovery and Litigation Technology, Cleary Gottlieb

Fully Capable of Handling Modern Workplace Data

Optimize review of chat and collaboration data with the same accuracy as email. Lighthouse advanced analytics have proven ability to handle the full spectrum of data types, including:

Google Chat

Apple iMessage

Mobile/SMS Messaging


Microsoft Teams



Cross-Matter Intelligence

The Lighthouse advanced analytics platform increases ROI by enabling you to reuse data and attorney work product across matters. Over time, continuous learning enriches models to reduce risk, increase accuracy, and improve legal and compliance strategy.  

Ready the case study below to see how one client used it across their matters.

Lighthouse AI and Analytics Drive Unprecedented Savings Across Multiple Matters

We expected nearly 190k documents would be subject to privilege review using our typical workflow. With [the Lighthouse platform] and outstanding outside counsel, our actual results were just over 24k, resulting in a nearly 90% reduction in time and cost. The approach also surfaced privileged documents that our old workflow may have missed, giving us greater confidence in the process. [The Lighthouse analytics platform] is now a standard component of all our Privilege reviews.

— EJ Bastien, Director of Discovery Programs, Microsoft

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