HSR Second Request Solution

A solution built to navigate the review challenges and tight timelines of a Second Request with speed, accuracy, and expertise.

Expert guidance

Strategize with legal and technology experts who regularly manage and support these quick-turn, arduous matters.

Innovative technology

Leverage tools built to handle modern data to ensure only necessary information is producedquickly and cost-effectively.

Successful outcomes

Rely on experts to help make informed decisions to speed up the process and mitigate cost while meeting strict deadlines.

Experience and expertise

Dedicated project management team

Our dedicated project management team includes attorneys, technologists, linguists, statisticians, certified Relativity experts, as well as other eDiscovery professionals that regularly manage and support HSR Second Request around the clock in multiple time zones.

Technology-assisted search and review team

Our team of legal professionals, linguists, computer scientists, and expert researchers leverage an arsenal of custom-designed and tested linguistic processes and state-of-practice machine learning to identify responsive, confidential, potentially privileged and other sensitive documents.

Forensics and collections team

This group provides valuable assistance on HSR Second Request by ensuring, and sometimes testifying about, data collection best practices and chain of custody, as well as any related motion practice. In addition, this team assists with detailed forensic analysis and reporting regarding issues beyond document discovery and review, such as deletion analysis, IM/chat/text message parsing and recovery, and more.
Lighthouse achieved what most would say was impossible. Their tireless work, extraordinary effort, and remarkable professionalism was inspiring every step of the way.
Senior eDiscovery Council at Global Paper Company undergoing a HSR Second Request

Innovation and technology

Technology assisted review (TAR)

Our antitrust regulator approved technology-enabled review process quickly identifies responsive and potentially privileged data, which accelerates your QC and privilege process for a prompt, rolling production. Using a pre-approved process reduces risk and makes things easier for your team.


Quickly analyze large document volumes with the precision you need. Lighthouse Prism uses natural language processing and deep learning AI models to perform a nuanced analysis of your documents. Learning in real-time, Prism identifies privilege and sensitive company information so you can fulfill the requirement of your HSR Second Request in time and with peace of mind.

Matter analytics

Lighthouse Matter Analytics dramatically accelerates email review, reducing up to 70% of email content and helping reviewers make faster relevancy, privilege, PII, and redaction decisions. Sophisticated PII classifiers identify likely and potential PII, and provide visualization analytics on your data.

Automated processing and productions

Our automated internal processes are flexible, fast, and accurate, which allows us to process terabytes of your data quickly. In addition, our auto-imaging tools help reduce the amount of manual work required when exporting data for production, helping to eliminate human error and increase throughput, all while minimizing time and cost for you.

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