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Keep Your Data Compliant, Safe, and Secure

Managing Regulatory Risk

Regulatory compliance is a complex field—even more so when companies handle personal data, cross international boundaries, or work in areas subject to intense scrutiny.  

As regulations continue to increase, so do the penalties associated with noncompliance. Considering financial, reputational, and legal consequences, effective compliance technology and processes represent a wise investment.

At Lighthouse, we combine innovation with experience to address business-critical compliance challenges. We can help you respond quickly and accurately to regulator and consumer requests, respond to data breaches, and stay updated with evolving privacy frameworks.  

Respond with Confidence

In many industries, responding to regulatory requests is a full-time activity. You can reduce the burden and ensure defensibility by implementing repeatable processes and automated workflows.

Antitrust investigations also require companies to deliver massive amounts of data. Lighthouse offers specialized solutions to assist with these scenarios.

Keep Pace with Change

As technology and markets change, regulations evolve. Staying current requires flexible, agile systems that can adapt and partners who offer expertise and insight about what makes a difference.

Lighthouse offers solutions to help organizations use Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Purview in ways that simplify compliance and information governance.

Understand Your Risk Posture

Compliance and information governance are intimately linked. You need visibility and control over sensitive data to meet privacy, eDiscovery, and security requirements.

Lighthouse can help you analyze your existing data stores, adopt modern archiving technologies, and implement defensible data retention and disposition workflows.

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Bridge the Data Skills Gap

Data management skills are in high demand. Regarding compliance, many organizations face challenges in upskilling fast enough to deal with rapid regulatory and technological change.  

Lighthouse offers ready-made teams of experienced professionals to help you address compliance issues on a one-time or ongoing basis. Because we work with various clients across industries and locations, we have deep, up-to-date knowledge about what regulators want and how to deliver it quickly and efficiently. Our robust analytics and AI solutions help scale your internal resources to handle more data with less work.  

Pinpoint Sensitive Data with Laser Precision

Finding sensitive, private, and toxic data inside today’s vast information stores requires intelligent technology. Linguistic processing, machine learning, and AI enable small teams to search massive databases and surface essential data. Whether responding to consumer privacy requests or producing documents for a legal case, with Lighthouse, you can have peace of mind that there will be no surprises.

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Saving Millions in a Demanding HSR Second Request

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With expertise in compliance, security, and information governance, Lighthouse was the ideal consulting partner for the job.

Read how a custom equipment manufacturer worked with with Microsoft and Lighthouse to implement better patent and trademark classification and management.

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