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Operating Model Services


What They Needed

Numerous external pressures are driving the need for today’s legal, compliance, and ediscovery operating models to be dynamic. Electronic data continues to grow exponentially. Organizations are more often moving data to cloud-based systems in which new functionality affecting your processes is rolled out weekly. Laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), require changes to data management and auditing across borders. In light of all of these changes, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your ediscovery program and having a proactive plan for ensuring you are prepared for litigation is more important than ever.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Compliance, Governance, and Oversight Council (CGOC) and the eDiscovery Reference Model (EDRM), “75% of Global 1,000 companies are vulnerable to fines and sanctions in ediscovery cases because they fail to keep up with data management objectives.” In the same study, 85 percent of respondents pointed to cross-departmental collaboration as a key to data management and many blamed a department other than their own for failing to meet objectives. These issues leave legal and compliance departments uncertain about their readiness to act quickly in the face of anticipated litigation and regulatory investigations, and with little visibility into cost drivers.

How We Did It

Lighthouse’s Operating Model Services transform the often time-consuming, disruptive, and chaotic pressures above into a manageable, predictable, and compliant process. Our services are comprised of the following, which we can provide in whole or a la carte:

  • Operating Model Development and Improvement (eDiscovery, eCompliance, Privacy) designed to assess, revamp, and update your operating model.
  • Legal Hold Program and Technical Preservation Strategies to ensure you understand your web of data; to document how legal holds are implemented and managed; and to bring your strategy into compliance (through remediation both under and over broad legacy processes)
  • Technology Assessment and Implementations to assess your current state of supporting technology and to identify, vet, and integrate modern technology solutions into your program.
  • Managed Services, Secondment/Staff Augmentation to manage, staff, and support your operating model.
  • Creating or updating your playbook to document and train your teams and key partners.
  • Periodically auditing your operating model to assure compliance to laws and regulations, and adherence to your policies.

The Results

The results are an objective assessment and pragmatic action plan that better prepares you to manage compliance and discovery, allowing you to respond more efficiently to the requests and demands of your team, as well as create a strategy around your data sources to more effectively respond to requests from internal clients, outside counsel, opposing litigants, and regulators. Lighthouse’s Operating Model Services enable you to

  • Lower cost by implementing efficient, effective, and repeatable processes.
  • Understand the current state of your program, no matter how new or sophisticated your existing processes may be, and diagnose next steps for improving litigation and investigation readiness and associated budgeting.
  • Feel confident knowing your compliance, legal, and technology teams are ready to act swiftly to address compliance and ediscovery by following the operating model playbook.
  • Reduce confusion and frustration across your teams by applying a customized action plan that develops over time with your operating model.
  • Define and measure metrics to show return on investment as well as manage case and department budgets efficiently.
  • Leverage an agile approach to improving your operating model over time at a manageable pace, while constantly showing results and demonstrating alignment with corporate goals.
  • Gain greater control over your data and have fewer business interruptions from discovery requests.

Lighthouse’s Operating Model Services better prepare your team to manage investigations, litigation, and compliance matters efficiently and effectively. Through a comprehensive, interdisciplinary focus with proven best practices gleaned from our work with Fortune 100 and Am Law 100 clients, and an agile framework, we create a program that is actionable, up-to-date, and tailored to your needs.


“Lighthouse reviewed our internal ediscovery procedures, identified our collections pain points and helped us implement an effective Operating Model. We are now developing more efficient processes where roles will be more clearly defined so that we can confidently execute on a repeatable process in future litigation.”

Jeff Christianson, Executive Vice President & General Counsel at F5 Networks

Jeff Christianson, Executive Vice President & General Counsel at F5 Networks

Jeff Christianson, Executive Vice President & General Counsel at F5 Networks

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