Defensible Data Migration

Keep your organization compliant with a defensible data migration.

Data migration

Migrating your legal archives of data to the cloud can lead to serious consequences if not done correctly. Mishandled migrations can also cause major headaches, including: missing data and metadata, missing custodians, lost chain of custody, and legal holds not recreated in the migration.

If you’re planning to migrate your data to the cloud, learn more about data migration best practices to reduce risk by assuring your data is migrated defensibly.


Keeping in the clear with a data migration is not as simple as lift and shift. The process is complex, requiring diligent preservation of legal holds, chain of custody, and adherence to information governance standards.

Lighthouse legal and technical experts ensure your data migration initiatives are executed to minimize and mitigate risk as well as the potential for costly legal ramifications.


Over the course of more than 15 years, we’ve migrated petabytes of legacy data to modern platforms, and we’ve developed proven processes that assure success for our clients.

Our combination of both legal and technology expertise is what sets us apart. This wide range of capability allows us to address data migrations in a defensible manner, tailored to your unique requirements.


Antiquated data platforms lack the flexibility to handle uncommon formats and data types, such as raw data, schemas, tables, indexes, and constraints. This lack of capability leads to inefficiencies and increased costs.

We leverage best practices to help you migrate to modernized platforms, and reduce the amount of legacy data maintained based on business, legal, IT, and regulatory requirements.

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